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TIBCO : Monitoring Business Performance


                TIBCO is a platform provider for deriving valuable business insights such as providing Data discovery, Data Wrangling, Predictive Analysis, Big Data Analysis, etc. It is smart, secure, flexible and scalable tool to provides data visualization, discovery, wrangling and predictive analytics capabilities by developing products for different needs, example : TIBCO Spotfire for Business Analytics and TIBCO Streambase for monitoring software. TIBCO usually includes effective dashboard and interactive analytical app as well.

Tibco Interactive Dashboard in Spotfire

Monitoring Business Performance

As an Platform Provider, TIBCO is providing several purposes in the organization such as Monitoring Business Performance, tracking business processes is the key for monitoring overall business performance. Lack of oversight can mean a missed opportunity for process improvement. Using process configuration and streaming analytics, business activity monitoring gives you visibility into process execution, tracks process performance against SLAs and timeouts, and even connects your business intelligence tools for summary reporting and analysis.

There are several benefits for using TIBCO to Monitor Business Activities :

  1. One Uniform Systems

Businesses often have a diverse set of systems, each producing their own output. With a consistent business activity monitoring process, processes don’t need be automated using any sort of BPM system, which is beneficial in distributed environments where there is no overall system of control. By having a Uniform Systems TIBCO will be easier to process outputs from those diverse set of systems, creating an accurate and providing full control of those business systems.

  1. Assess Process Performance

                TIBCO provide real-time tracking systems, process performance that can be assessed to determine if SLAs (Service Level Agreements) are being met, giving businesses the opportunity to take proactive action to correct exception situations before they escalate to avoid further disturbance in the systems. TIBCO can analyze those data and creating a visualization to access the performance of the company.

  1. Real-time Insights

                By using TIBCO, your business will no longer has to rely on historical-based reporting for the status of business processes. will gain insight into the current status of your business processes with dashboards consisting of real-time analytics so you can see what areas are succeeding and what areas need improvement.

  1. Increased Predictive Capability

                By having a BI tool , a repository of current process state along with a running log of activity events can be used to predict and determine opportunities for business process improvement.

These are the features that will be used by TIBCO for Monitoring Business Performance :

  1. Event Manager

                TIBCO products could monitor process execution by capturing process events and monitoring progress against your plan. By monitoring execution, you can estimate completion time, enforce rules, detect stalled processes, and trigger alerts.

  1. Real-time Dashboard

                Visualize and access business processes in real time with summary dashboards that show the health at a glance. See business process status in context, including what, when, and where, and get alerts when something isn’t right.

  1. Reporting

                Processed data is accessible to near real-time analytics tools. Analyze current and historical data for KPIs, and generate and distribute reports that allow you to share existing data.

  1. Configuration

                Configure business processes and rules through UI and scripting. Templates and workflows, new/existing alerts, and business data storage for near real-time viewing and/or reporting can be configured to meet your needs.

These are several products for Business Monitoring by TIBCO :

  1. TIBCO Business Events
  2. TIBCO StreamBase
  3. TIBCO ActiveSpaces
  4. TIBCO LiveDatamart


                These are the reviews for TIBCO Products that provides Business Monitoring Services that has been given by the users on Overall Rating for TIBCO Products given by the user reviews are positives but keep in mind that TIBCO Products are designed for Enterprise use, it will be less efficient for Small Businesses and Mid-Size Companies.

                TIBCO Products have a minor drawback such as performance issues on several user, it is true that TIBCO Products are designed for enterprise used, meaning it need heavy hardware resources to operate smoothly, some of the top reviews stated that it will have difficulties when handling huge real time data.

                Besides performance issues above, there are minor drawback on the products that has been stated by the user, but users seems pretty satisfied with the benefits, as a conclusion TIBCO is a good Products for Monitoring Business Performance but before implementing one on your business, please do some research about its weaknesses, will it fit your business? Because a good products may not be the best option for some cases depending on your businesses.

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