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Organizational Culture Analysis

Organizational culture is a system of shared assumptions, values, and beliefs, which governs how people behave in organizations. In fact, the organizational culture is the basic beliefs of the company that are accepted by clients and shared by employees. Culture surrounds us all and we need to understand how it is created, embedded, developed, manipulated, managed, and changed. To understand the culture is to understand the organization.

Levels of culture:

  • Artifacts and Behavior: the visible organizational structures and processes (what we see, what a newcomer, visitor or consultant would notice)
  • Norms and Values: the stated strategies, goal, philosophies, and justifications (what they say, what we would be told is the reason things are the way they are and should be. Company philosophy, norms, and justifications)
  • Underlying Assumptions: the basic underlying assumptions, unconscious, taken for granted beliefs, perceptions, thoughts, and feelings (what they deeply believe in and act on, unconscious, taken for granted beliefs about the organization and its work/purpose, about people, rewards, etc)

The values shared by the members of an organization represent the second layer in culture analysis. From an organizational perspective, values express essential meanings of basic assumptions. Therefore, values define a set of organization expectations from its members. Values are expressed and often imposed by the managerial elite and become, in some ways, a reference system for activity assessment. They are included in attitudes and behaviors in the organizational habitat. The two levels, assumptions and values represent the content of what we call an organization expressive area or expressive culture. Its origins can be found both in organization history and in the personal history of its members.

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