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Relationship Enterprise Architecture and Business Planning – Part 1

Connecting Enterprise Architecture and Business Planning as reflected in the design of EA framework, strategy creates business needs and technology support solutions to meet their needs. There are three main issues of EA documents as the level of business, as follows:

  1. Supports Strategic Objectives (Supporting Strategic Goals): Touch Point between strategic initiatives and business activities should be clearly documented. Not all strategic business activities, and it is important to distinguish documentation EA, the EA directly related to strategic initiatives and EA which provides functions – common functions for the company.
  2. Documentation Operations (Documentation of Business Activities):
    Documenting the manufacture and delivery of critical business products and services in support of Business Process Improvement (BPI) and Business Process Reengineering (BPR), and it is important to document the business activity to indicate the inputs, outputs, outcomes, and other elements that affect every business process. And it is also important to identify how to link business processes with one another.
  3. Identify Technology Support (Identifying Supporting Technologies): Analyzes business requirements and activities supporting technology dapatmeperlihatkan critically (eg marketing activities require the data for the sake of trend analysis, and manufacturing processes require different types of sources, including raw materials, facilities, labor, computer, data, and / or robotics)

Business Organization and Enterprise

The definition of organization is a social entity goal-directed, designed as system activity deliberately structured and coordinated, and linked to the external environment. Organizations occur when people interact with each other to perform essential functions that help achieve goals. As a social entity, the organization is a collection of people who interact with each other to achieve a specified goal. People as members of the organization is structured in separate departments and has a role and duties of each. Akitvitas conducted in organizations coordinated by the manager to manage existing resources constantly to achieve the ultimate goal together. As a social entity, the organization can not perform activities individually but must be related to the external environment.

Organizations exist to do the following, among others: bringing together resources to achieve the desired goals and outcomes, produce goods and services efficiently, facilitate innovation, using modern manufacturing and information technology, adapt and affect environmental change, creating value for owners, customers , and employees, and to accommodate the challenges that must be faced diversity, ethics, and motivation and coordination of employees. One important type of organization grouping is the distinction between non-profit and non-profit or nonprofit.

Marisa Karsen