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What is Lean UX?

Inspired by Lean and Agile’s development methods, Lean UX makes our work faster, reducing emphasis on deliverables and focusing more on the actual experience that will be designed.

Traditional documentation techniques are eliminated or at least simplified into important components only, to provide information that is only necessary for implementation. A long and detailed UX design cycle is highly avoided in Lean UX. Lean UX supports a very short, recurring design cycle, with fast feed back and high intensity of all team members. Collaboration with all team members is critical to the success of Lean UX products.
Here is a process from Lean UX:

The Lean UX process adopts from the Agile development method. If we are familiar with Agile or its derivatives then Lean UX process will not be foreign to us. Lean UX focuses on making light / simple concepts. Drafting on Lean UX can be done on a whiteboard, sticky notes or simple drawing. The goal is to be able to immediately get a core part of the idea, and the workflow can be quickly visualized with the team.

In the initial process, the team gives a preliminary picture that will determine the direction of UX design as well as its feasibility. Changes can be proposed to correct the original idea, or the original idea can also be completely canceled and replaced with a new idea. The initial concept in Lean UX was also made simple. Once the initial concept or direction of design development has been agreed upon by the team, a direct prototype can be created. Improving Lean UX ideas and cycles will always be done by the team.

The most important thing to know is Lean UX focuses on the design phase of the software development process. Whichever method of development is selected (waterfall, Agile, etc.), the Lean UX concept can be applied to our UX design. Lean UX encourages us to show our work quickly and high intensity to the team, exploring ideas from them and doing so over and over again in the design cycle. In Lean UX, spending time on realistic goals and informed design decisions is very important. It helps to develop effectively and according to the expectations and realities for our clients. With Lean UX we are actually streamlining development time.

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