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Promising Jobs for the Future in Technology Field

There are many kinds of job in the technology field that currently begin to take people interests and become ones of best growing jobs for the future. This may be caused by the rapid growing of technology used in this world, so many people will be needed to be part of the technology development. In the word “technology”, there are many aspects that need our attention to build a good system for the technology, such as database, security, software, and many more. Therefore, here are the 5 top jobs that will be promising as the future job for people in the technology field:

  1. Database Administrator

Businesses are accumulating record amounts of digital information, spurring the need for trained and certified DBAs to store, organize, analyze and secure this data. They ensure that databases run efficiently and are secure from unauthorized users. DBAs are also responsible for organizing a company’s data and storing it in a way that makes sense and is resourceful. In addition, as more databases are connected to the Internet and cloud, data security will become increasingly vital & complex; database administrators and developers.

  1. Mobile Application Developer

As smart phones and tablets continue to change the way we communicate, do business, and access news & entertainment, the demand for new and innovative mobile apps is growing at an incredible speed. Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS platforms will continue to offer the most job opportunities for mobile developers.

  1. Information Security Analyst

As we rely on information technology more and more, the security of this information becomes increasingly critical. These people are responsible for making sure that data on company websites and servers is protected from theft and fraud.

  1. Software Engineer

Increased corporate adoption of cloud and virtualization strategies will create a surge in demand for applications software engineers who can design and develop secure web-based programs. Likewise, as the sophistication and adoption of electronic data-processing systems continues to rise, the need to implement and upgrade to these new computer systems will fuel job creation for systems software engineers.

  1. Computer System Analyst

As organizations continue to increase their reliance on technology, computer systems analysts will be hired to architect new systems across all industries. These people design the ideal systems for businesses and organizations and help implement these designs.

Amelia Anggraini