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Data Warehouse Tasks and Benefit

There are four tasks that can be done with the data warehouse, as follows:

  1. Preparing reports

Data warehouse can provide making report tasks. This is the most common task that performs by data warehouse. Simple query in data warehouse can generate daily, monthly, yearly, or exceptional reports that need by the management.

  1. On-Line Analytical Processing (OLAP)

OLAP is the process to analyze data by using multi-dimensional concept. All the information, both summary and details can be provide by using OLAP, without typing SQL command. This is possible due to the multi-dimensional concept, then the data in the form of the same facts can be seen by using different functions. Other facilities that exist in the OLAP software is the facility rool-up and drill-down. Drill-down is the ability to see details of the information from the summary report and the roll-up is just the opposite.

  1. Data mining

Data mining is the process of digging (mining) knowledge and new information from a large number of data in a data warehouse, using artificial intelligence (Artificial Intelligence), statistics and mathematics. Data Mining is computing process to gather data from multiple sources to discover as many interrelationships as possible. Data mining gather data from data warehouse which is data warehouse contain data from a number of sources. The objective from data mining is to know the pattern of data. For example we can know Customer buying products trend based on customer’s transaction data.

Some data mining solutions provided include:

1. Guessing the target market

Data mining can group (clustering) models and classify the buyer to every buyer and perform against each buyer classification in accordance with the desired characteristics.

2. Looking at buying patterns over time

Data mining can be used to view and purchase patterns from time to time.

3. Cross-market analysis

Data mining can be used to see the relationship between one product with another product.

4. Customer Profile

Data mining can help the user to see the profile of buyers that can be known group of buyers tend to any product.

5. Information summary

Data mining can create summary reports of multi-dimensional and comes with other statistical information.

5. Executive information processes

Data warehouse can summarized important information to help management in making decision, without the need to explore the entire data. By using a data warehouse, all reports have been summarized and can also find out all the details in full, thus simplifying the decision-making process. The information and data in the report into the target data warehouse informative for the users.

Marisa Karsen