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The Important of Online Learning_Part 4

3.  Ease of learning

Fig. 1. Results Feedback “Ease of learning” use USE Questionnaire.

Ease of learning consists of (1) I learned to use it quickly, (2) easily remember how to use it, (3) easy to learn to use it, and (4) I quickly became skillful with it.

All give good results. Users easily remember how to use it (81%), easy to learn to use it (76%), I learned to use it quickly (68%), and I quickly became skillful with it (65%).

3.  Satisfaction

Satisfaction consists of (1) I am satisfied with it, (2) recommend it to a friend, (3) fun to use, (4) It works the way I want it to work, (5) wonderful, (6)  I need to have it, and (7) pleasant to use.

Fig. 2. Results Feedback “Satisfaction” use USE Questionnaire

Results should be increased further. Binus Online Learning satisfaction (65%), sufficiently encouraging to recommend to friends (62%), quite fun to use (59%), quite in keeping with the way I like to do (57%), simply need to have them (57%), is quite fun to use (57%), and quite attractive (46%).

Use of Binus Online

Overall Binus Online Learning useful in the learning process (usefulness) (73%), provide ease of learning (ease of learning) (72%), provide ease of use (ease of use) (63%) and enough to give satisfaction to user (satisfaction) (58%).

Ease of use still gives unsatisfactory results. Binus Online Learning simple and easy to use but both occasional and regular users would like it enough, pretty fast and easy to correct mistakes, and at any time can reasonably use it well, but Binus Online Learning is less consistent (only 24% think Binus Online Learning consistent).

Binus Online Learning enough to give satisfaction to the user (satisfaction), sufficiently encouraging to recommend to friends, while for conformity with the wishes of the user, the feeling to have, and a pleasure to use it need to be upgraded once. Binus Online Learning needs to be improved, so it is quite interesting for the users.

Fig. 3. The results of the user feedback using USE Questionnaire.


After doing the research, we can conclude that e-learning need to be evaluates to measure user satisfaction and the improvement needed in the future. In terms of Binus Online Learning, the usability needs to be improved, especially for the category of ease of use and satisfaction. Ease of use category requires attention, especially regarding the users interest on Binus Online Learning, speed and ease to correct mistakes, as during the increasing of use.

The consistency of Binus Online Learning regarding ease of use categories needs to be further investigated in future studies. Also the satisfaction of Binus Online Learning needs to be improved, especially for compliance with the user desires, sense of belonging, and also the pleasure to use it. Binus Online Learning needs to improve in terms of user interface, so it is quite interesting to the users.

Because the respondents in this paper only consist of online learning students, this paper is still to be developed by doing research to the online learning lecturers that will make the result more complete.  The successful implementation of Online Learning can improve quality of teaching and learning process which can be impact of students-lecturers interaction. The commitment from users to use online learning is also important for the successful online learning implementation in universities.

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