School of Information Systems

Project Human Resource Management

Project management has several branches and one of it is project human resource management. Human resource is considered one of the parts in project that needs some plans and set of actions in order to achieve the project goal. In a project, the project manager can’t do things by his or her own; they must rely on their team. This team seems to be very excited in the beginning of the project, but usually as time goes by, their motivation goes down and their performance towards the project becoming lower and lower. To do this, there are some steps in the project HR management.

First of all there is organizational planning, which calls on the project manager to identify the roles and responsibilities of the project and the reporting relationship within the organization. This reporting can be internal, such as to management, and external, such as to a customer or community. To do the reporting, the project manager can rely on templates to re-create the success of historical projects, as the project has been done before.

The next step in the HR management is the project management can do the staffing management plan which describes the process that the project manager must follow to bring resources onto a project, or to report that they are no longer using the resource so they can return the resources to the company. In the staffing management, the guidelines must be well stated so that project managers can know what they must achieve and how can they do it. There are set of actions that project managers must do as it is already measured about the staff capabilities and what are the limits of them. In the project, the project manager will always interact with their project team, they will collaborate together and the project manager will most likely to see if his or her project team can do the work accurately and on time. In order to do so, the awarding system can be held for the project team. If one part or an employee done very well in the project, project managers can give them some kind of recognition so that in the future project that special person or team can work even more better, and the others will also increase their performance to compete with the other team in a positive way and to achieve a positive result of project. Project managers could also do some training, because by giving training to the project team, they may increase their ability to work together and individually with a higher level of confidence, performance, and teamwork.

Sugiarto Hartono