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Mobile Commerce in Our Daily life – Part 3

Individual consumers

Applications m-commerce are addressed to individuals has been the type of application that is very much developed, such as mobile games, mobile music, mobile video, mobile electronic pets, mobile betting and gambling, auctions (auctions), search information such as hotels, food and beverage to health care to the smart home. Mobile games is one of the initial products of m-commerce developed since the end of 2000. Today many interactive games that can be followed by using various types of GMS phone such as the Nokia communicator and PDA that has been connected to the internet. It is the same with mobile music, different types of music can be downloaded by using different types of phones available and can be directly heard. Today visitors to the hotel by using bluetooth-enabled mobile devices are given the opportunity to obtain information such as a restaurant and the existing facilities at the hotel, book a taxi or special vehicle for all airport and other facilities, after check-in and get an account for access to the benefits mentioned above, in addition to the account are also an access to the internet channel to a cell phone or PDA. In the medical field, using a broadband 3G mobile systems, between doctors and patients who live far away can continue to communicate, other than that the doctor can assist victims in emergency before being taken to a nearby hospital, monitor and provide guidance to nurses or helpers to give first aid before reaching the hospital.

Location-based commerce (L-commerce)

In the development of this application consists of two parts, namely global positioning systems (GPS) and telematics. GPS is a wireless system that uses satellites to see the position somewhere, man up equipment at the earth’s surface. GPS navigation systems are typically used in flight, cruise and trucks berkatifitas. GPS location indicated by the data in the form of latitude and longitude, to produce a picture of the location or folder, these data must be processed by an eletronic folder as created by MapInfo ( Telematics or telemetry is an integration of wireless communications, vehicle monitoring systems and location devices vechicle. One example when DaimlerChrysler and Volvo to build a system of remote vehicle diagnostic tool. This system is used to monitor the performance of the cars produced for the brand. A GSM chip set mounted on the engine system that will send messages to the manufacturing of the various problems that occur. Then the technicians will analyze the existing problem and finding a solution to the problem. Then the technician informed the driver to go to the nearest service centers to carry out further checks and repairs.


Maria Margaretha Andoko and Marisa Karsen