School of Information Systems

Mobile Commerce in Our Daily life – Part 2

Marketing, advertisement and customer service

The development of m-commerce in the B2C field consists of three major parts of shopping online, targeted advertisements and personalized customer service. As for some examples of online shooping like using a wireless solution for shopping. AT & T provides Internet-ready phone facility to their customers to shop online at The facility provides the freedom to consumers to search for the desired product, compared with other products, book and see the status of orders. As another example by using the voice portal in marketing and customer service. Some functions of this application such as the provision of facilities for consumers to check the delivery of the ordered products, the provision of measures against the use of existing products by using your voice. Targeted advertisement is one of the applications that are used to promote various products and services such as delivery of advertisements through text messages by cell phone provider. While personalized customer service is widely used to enhance the relationship between manufacturers with customers and business partners. By using a wireless solution-party manufacturers are trying to improve services to customers and business partners with applications CRM (customer relationship management) and PRM (partner relationship management).

Mobile applications in the enterprise

Applications which are generated in the mobile application in the enterprise is intended to support the improvement of service to consumers. Some applications are already widely used as supporting mobile employees, non-Internet enterprise application, web-based application (intrabusiness m-commerce) and mobile sales force automation. Most web-based applications in the enterprise is used to improve services to its customers. One example of this is a web-based application as it was built by the company Bertelsmann AG of Germany. The company provides wireless access to junior-level executives to gain access to the enterprise portal to the information they need. Bertelsmann integrated WAP wireless systems with cell / mobile hone or PDA so that those users can access a variety of information anywhere via phone proficiency level. Mobile sales force automation (SFA) is an application to support the performance of the existing sales. By using this SFA, the sales can prepare a variety of data that is required when dealing with customers, both in activities related to starting and continuing the contract. Data such as contact information management, order entry, the list of products and spare parts are available and deal tracking. This will certainly speed up the work process between konseumen and sales as negotiate and make decisions.

B2B and supply chain

The integration between business processes and the supply chain is the main purpose of the use of wireless communication in the B2B e-commerce. Expected by this integration, activity time can be reduced and the mobility of increased participation. One example of this application as checking activity by the sales of the pharmaceutical plant / drug anywhere to monitor whether the types of drugs needed by his customers are available in the warehouse.