School of Information Systems


Global Discovery Program (GDP) – Universiti Brunei Darussalam

• Discover Brunei Course (DBC) 
1) 6th February – 5th March 2017
2) 7th August – 3rd September 2017

• International Summer School
10th July – 6th August 2017

Join us for an action programme!

Discover and Explore the Kingdom of Unexpected Treasures
Immerse in the Bruneian Identity and Culture through study trips, hands-on experience, seminars and many more!

Waive tuition fees of USD1000 per student for up to 15 of your students.

The programme fee (living costs) is USD1500 per student covering 4 weeks of accommodation, full board meals, airport transfer, visa, local transport and excursion costs to neighbouring Malaysia

Registration Deadline: Two months before the starts of the program

More Information: