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Agile Day 2014


The sessions are packed with practical insights from experienced agile practitioners from ThoughtWorks, Singapore – don’t miss it!

Jl. Kebon Jeruk Raya No. 27,
Kebon Jeruk, Jakarta Barat
11530, Indonesia
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Room: Exhibition Hall 3rd Floor Anggrek Campus

Agenda and Speaker details are given below. Attendance is free of charge. Food and refreshment drinks will be provided. Some talks will be presented in English and some will be presented in Bahasa Indonesian. Simultaneous translation will not be available.

If you interest to join please register here!


9.00am Registration and Welcome
9.10am Agile Essentials Do you want to be Agile? Do you want to know how we do this at ThoughtWorks? We will talk about the values and principles that support Agile software development and how ThoughtWorks applies it to its projects
9.45am Test Driven Development As programmers, we need to ensure that the code we write works as expected. However, mindlessly repeating manual tests to achieve that is extremely boring and not scalable. How can we make software development more fun while making sure our code is robust and modular? Test-driven development (TDD) comes to the rescue! The talk will introduce you to TDD concepts and how to do it effectively, with practical examples.
10.20am Writing Clean Code There is a popular quote on internet saying “Always code as if the person who ends up maintaining your code is a violent psychopath who knows where you live”. The challenge then is how to write code in a way that is reader-focused and will produce software that is easy to maintain. In this talk we will share some techniques that can improve the overall quality of your code.
10.55am Continuous Delivery Continuous Delivery (CD) is a revolutionary and scalable approach to software delivery. It enables any team to achieve rapid, reliable releases through better collaboration between developers, testers, DBAs and operations, and automation of the build, deploy, test and release process.
11.30am Lunch Break
1.00pm Round Table and Debate This is an opportunity to hear from people who work with agile processes in a very open and collaborative manner. Bring any questions you have and we would be happy to share our thoughts and opinions on that.
1.30pm Coding Dojo A meeting where a bunch of coders get together to work on a programming challenge. Have fun and improve your coding skills while practicing TDD and pair programming.
2.30pm Lego Game Simulate a production line using Lego – this activity will demonstrate fundamentals of lean thinking, iterative development and continuous improvement in a fun way. And then look how this can be applied in the world of software delivery. Due space to constraints, the session will be limited to the first 20 participants to sign up on the day of the event.
4.00pm End of Day Questions and Closing Remarks


Gabriel_Gavasso_Profile Gabriel Gavasso Project Manager & Business Analyst – ThoughtWorks Gavasso has 9+ years of experience in successfully facilitating the communication between business stakeholders and software development teams. He is now based in Singapore and is responsible for expanding ThoughtWorks across South East Asia. He was part of successful teams delivering software in Brazil, Singapore and the USA, and can be found jogging, long-board skating or barbequing in his spare time
Liauw_Fendy_Profile Liauw Fendy Technical Lead, ThoughtWorks

Liauw Fendy is a veteran who has survived over 7 years of software development – 3 of them at ThoughtWorks. Most recently, he was the technical lead for Brazil team and worked across distributed teams in Atlanta and Chicago for the largest car auction site in the USA. Prior to ThoughtWorks, he worked at two different start-up companies: one in logistics and another in facilities management. He also taught Algorithms and Data Structures in Melbourne University as the head tutor where he was voted and awarded the most outstanding tutor for the semester. He plays drums for fun and still has nightmares involving bad code.

Sofia_Tania_Profile Sofia Tania Developer, ThoughtWorks

Based in Singapore, Tania considers herself a “professional learner” at ThoughtWorks, although rumor has it she was hired to do software development. Prior to joining ThoughtWorks, she studied in the National University of Singapore under the prestigious Singapore Scholarship program and developed software in a top-tier investment bank.

anshul_garg_profile Anshul Garg Technical Lead, ThoughtWorks

Anshul has been with ThoughtWorks for more than 5 years and works out of Singapore office. Primarily a developer, Anshul has become used to wearing multiple hats on projects. He has worked as a Project Manager, Business Analyst and Iteration Manager across projects during his tenure in ThoughtWorks. He likes reading both fiction and factual books; enjoys driving; and is passionate about web design and development.