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Business Organization and Enterprise – Part 2

Non-profit organization is an organization that aims not to seek advantage from the activities done. Sources of funds for operational purposes comes from government handouts, donations, and grants.While profit organization is an organization that is doing activities with the aim to make a profit. The advantage gained by conducting business activities such as selling goods or services to consumers or other businesses.

Business organization is a company engaged in the production or distribution of goods to be sold in the market or providing services for the price. Therefore, for-profit organization known as the business organization. According KBBI (Indonesian dictionary) business is a commercial venture in the world of commerce; business fields; trading business. Sources of funds derived from business organizations investor capital investment, loans, and gains from business activities carried on.

And Enterprise Organizations have similarities in terms of both is a kind of a social entity that has a culture, have a formal or informal structure, objectives, activities, and resources. The difference is that the enterprise can be defined as a part of the organization or can involve multiple organizations.

In addition, the enterprise can also be interpreted as an effort that takes the form of organization, the physical building in a particular geographic location or virtually through network connectivity, where the physical location is not the most important part.

Strategic Planning of Information Systems and Information Technology

Both in its use of information systems and informationtechnologyrequiresagoodITStrategic PlanningandSIto beright on targetwiththe applicationin accordancewithanyfutureneeds requiredbythe company. Strategic planningof informationsystemssometimesinvolvethe entireorganization. Usuallyon the recommendationofthe chief executiveinformationsystems, top managementwillauthorizeamajorprojectto planfor theentireorganization’sinformationsystems. Strategic planningof informationsystemsisplannedtodetermine thetechnologiesandapplications thatperlukankanbythe needs of the information systems functionto support the organization’s strategic planning

Information Systems Strategic Planning is the process of strategic thinking that identify the most desirable SI so that companies can implement and enforce activities and information technology policy in the long run.

Another notion of Strategic Planning Information Systems (PSSI) is to develop innovative strategies to achieve organizational goals. There are two elements that must be distinguished, Information Systems (IS) and Information Technology (IT) is used. These are two elements must align with the goals of the organization, it means it is to ensure Technology Information Systems (IS) and Information (IT) pursuant business needs in what it does (context), how to do it (the process) and occurs when (timing). PSSI is helping to transform the potential for increased development of current and future become a competitive advantage for an organization. The main purpose of the PSSI is to identify that information and communication technologies that most contribute to the long-term success.


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