School of Information Systems

Pengembangan Desain Aplikasi Berorientasi Layanan Berbasis Sumber Terbuka

Judul Pengembangan Desain Aplikasi  Berorientasi  Layanan Berbasis Sumber Terbuka    (Research SI-2012-11)
Skema Penelitian dana internal (HIBAH BINUS)
Tahun Anggaran 2012
Ketua Peneliti Henny Hendarti, S.Kom., MM, Dr
Anggota Peneliti Nelly, S.Kom., MM; Heryandi Wijaya, S.Kom.,MM



This research report is a description of the research activities are organized according to guidelines and RIP Based Roadmap 2012. In the discussion of the report contains the results of research conducted since the beginning of 2012. The research will be necessary to be done and reported because it provides a more understanding of Service-Oriented Application Based Open Source and we give at the end of this report, the conclusion that the Service-Oriented Application Based Open Source is great to utilize as it has developed unique and reliability remedy. We have also included a draft scientific articles listed at the end the composition of this report.

Keyword : Service-Oriented Application , Open Source, Research roadmap 2012