About Us

International Design Challenge (IDC) facilitates students (undergraduate program) from various design and technology backgrounds (e.g. HCI, UX, ICT, industrial design, product design, visual design, interaction design) to demonstrate their problem solving and design ability to propose solutions for digital-technology issues. Organized by School of Information Systems, BINUS University, IDC is an annual competition that consistently encourage students to improve their knowledge and skills in the field of human-computer interaction.

IDC aims to give opportunity for undergraduate students to implement their creative thinking, analytical thinking, knowledge, and teamwork in the field of human computer interaction. IDC also aims to give international experience and networking platform for undergraduate students.

This year’s competition theme is “Innovative Design Solution to Respond Diverse Necessity”. IDC will be partnering with a real company as the case provider, to provide real-world UI/UX design cases. These cases will be distributed to the participants where participants are expected to deliver a design solution based on the principles of UI/UX design.

The expected outcome from the participants is an interactive UI/UX design which generated based on the principles of UI/UX design.

In order to prevent virus transmission, this year’s competition will be conducted online. Every participant will be provided with the guideline of each phase mechanisms to ensure the competition run smoothly.