School of Information Systems

School of Information Systems Bina Nusantara University is the first program managed by Bina Nusantara University since 1996. The need for Information technology in the business industry has shifted into an environment that is more outward-looking in order to compete in globalization. Information Technology is closely related to Information Systems in their joint support of the organization. They facilitate the smooth running of the whole organization and strengthen its competitiveness.

Vision and Mission

The vision of the School of Information Systems is:

A world class school of information systems specialized in IT-Business innovation for fostering and empowering the society

The mission of the School of Information Systems is to contribute to the global community through the provision of world-class education by:

  1. Nurturing students and lecturers with creative and value-adding talents in Information System by creating a suitable environment;
  2. Educating students in information systems, covering knowledge and skills in analyzing, designing and implementing information systems for improving business processes and to be able to create an innovative and valuable information system solution, through intensive learning process, research activities and collaboration with global industries;
  3. Providing integrated knowledge to pursue further studies and create outstanding professionals, entrepreneurs, and leaders for a global community;
  4. Providing professional services in Information System with an emphasis on the application of knowledge to society;
  5. Fostering the quality of life of Indonesians and the international community through leveraging Information system solutions.

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Bina Nusantara University

BINA NUSANTARA started with a dream and a sense of determination. Founded by Joseph Wibowo Hadipoespito and Theresia Widia Soerjaningsih, this education institution has gone through many stages, and overcome various barriers. It still stands strong and grand despite the competition.

Joseph Wibowo Hadipoespito was a man of simplicity and hard work. His well-known success philosophy, the “3K Strategy”, has been instilled in the spirit of BINA NUSANTARA until this very day.

The “3K Strategy” stands for: Kesempatan (Opportunity), Keberanian yang bertanggung jawab (Courage with responsibility), and Kerja keras (Hard work). This philosophy still lives in the heart of BINA NUSANTARA today.

Along the way, Theresia Widia Soerjaningsih added a new touch to the BINA NUSANTARA institution. As a caring and affectionate leader, Dr. Ir. Th. Widia Soerjaningsih, MM. dedicated her entire life to the development of the education sector in Indonesia. Her touch was to add another ‘3K’ to Joseph Wibowo’s existing success strategy, thus forming the “6K Success Strategy”: The ‘6K’s’ are: Kesempatan (Opportunity), Keberanian (Courage), Keberuntungan (Good Fortune), Kemauan (Willingness), Kerja keras (Hard work), Kepercayaan kepada Tuhan (Belief in God).

The name BINA NUSANTARA was given by Rudy Poerwana. Literally, the name means ‘Building the Archipelago’. This name holds the aspiration that this institution can build and develop the islands of Indonesia through education. That dream still lives on until this very day.

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