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Multi-Tier Client / Server Concept on Which the SAP Systems Are Based.

When implementing an SAP system, we need to establish how we are going to distribute the SAP system processes required among the available hardware. We need to transport objects that we have or need to developed SAP objects and customizing settings to other SAP systems.

Client/Server Architecture

There are basically two different kinds of views for the client/server configuration :

  1. Hardware-oriented view: The term server refers to the central computer within a network that provides data, memory, and resources for the work stations and the clients.
  2. Software-oriented view: A service in this view is a service provided by a software component. The service provider can be a work process or a group of processes. The same software component can be client to one work process and server to another.

Single-Level and Multilevel Configurations

The following processes are required for operating business application software:

  • Presentation processes (example: displaying screens, GUI)
  • Application processes (example: executing application programs)
  • Database processes (example: managing and organizing database data)

Configurations are either single-level or multi-level, depending on the number of computer layers used.

  • Single-tier configuration: all tasks are performed by one computer. This is classic mainframe processing. This configuration is generally used for tests and demonstrations.
  • Two-tier configurations: usually implemented using special servers that are responsible solely for formatting the graphical interface (GUI).
  • Three-tier configuration: each layer runs on its own host. This configuration is easily scalable. To optimize the performance in this configuration, additional user groups can be used. In these groups, only a minimum number of transactions are needed.

In the environment, more complex client/server configurations consisting of more than three tires are both possible and implemented. Additional layers could be. Example: the Internet Transaction Server (ITS) as used for the solution mySAP SRM.


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