About International Thematic Camp 2021


Tematic Camp of 2021

GLOBAL DESIGN THINKING: Culture, Society & Law in Digital Era

Thematic Camp of 2021 by BINUS UNIVERSITY  is a month intensive summer-course program. After the tremendous success of past editions, Thematic Camp 2019 , the 3rd edition is coming in this summer of 2021.

This hands-on program is designed for international students who are English language learners to introduce them to concepts in cross-disciplinary research in a BINUS UNIVERSITY, Indonesia. As part of our Scholars course, student that enroll in this program will receive credits. Students will also engage with professionals to help solve problems in science and technology disciplines, as well as gain skills in research and writing techniques. Field professionals will provide real-world problems they are working to solve and students will work in groups to develop solutions. In this program students will:

  • Connect with professionals in research-focused institutions.
  • Develop skills in problem analysis, literature research, teamwork, communication, and presentation.
  • Develop research-based writing skills including vocabulary, source evaluation, documentation, and cohesiveness.
  • Work in cross-disciplinary teams, using research methodologies to address issues and solve problems in areas such as statistics, computer science, mathematics, bioinformatics and more.

*Selected participants will be given free scholarship for this program