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Hotel Front Office (FO)

1Front office comes from the English language “Front”, which means the front, and “office” means the office. So the front office is the front office. In the context of understanding of hotel front office is a department in a hotel that is located on the front. Precisely not so far from the front door or the lobby of the hotel. This area is the busiest place in hotel. With a location at the front of the Front Office, including the department’s most easily searchable and viewable by visitors. To call the Front Office, some hotels use other terms, ie Guest Service area (guest service areas).

However, the Front Office that the term was often used both in the hospitality industry as well as among educational. Meanwhile, the Front said Liner is the designation for the front office staff who deal directly with guests (direct guest contact) such as reception, cashier, guest relations officer, doorman and bellhop. The term is often encountered Front Desk which is a narrower term for the reception section. Called the Front Desk for  duty area  office (desk).

The role of Front Office for hotels, among others:
1. First impression and at the same time last impression for guests who stay in hotel.
2. As the center of the hotel nerves.
3. As a communications center.
4. Maintain relationships with guests and other departments in the hotel.
5th. The main vein of a hotel.
6. Heart of the hotel.
7. Axes of the hotel.