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The Business Information Technology program is part of the School of Information Systems. In today’s challenging business environment, information technology has changed not only as a complementary but also as a key strategic tool to play an important role in business competition. In the Business Information Technology Program, its focus is on Business Analytics and Social Media Listening. By focusing on these two integral aspects, organizations are projected to play an important role in helping business performance and strategy. The expected outcome is the competence to facilitate excellent procedures and sustained competitiveness within the organization. The Business Information Technology program will provide students with the expertise for developing Information Technology in solving business problems. The program is expected to overcome the gap between Information Technology and the business needs that are so much needed in a challenging business environment. Business Information Technology is designed by combining three focus areas such as Business Analytics, Social Media, and IT Entrepreneurship. In addition, there is a specialized option in the Business Information Technology program, namely a specialization in Artificial Intelligence for Business that aims to help solve problems in the company. With artificial intelligence making the amount of data and information available today, will play a major role in assisting decision-making in various.

Career Prospects

The Business Information Technology program will be familiar with the relationship between business analysis, social media, entrepreneurship, and artificial intelligence. Therefore, graduates will have IT knowledge and business skills and can develop their careers in any company, including but not limited to web analytics consultants, social media consultancies, system developers, system analysts, business analytics, project managers, database developer, data analytic, software development, programming consultant, information management, application development,  information management consultancy, machine learning engineer, and data scientist