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Informations systems department participate in publishing of two journal at faculty of computer studies. The firts journal is CommIT in field of communication and information technology science. The second journal is CompTech, this collaboration journal with faculty of science in field of technology. We invite all researcher to contribute in our CommIT Journal by submitting the paper to us.

Lecturer Published Papers

      • 2015
Title Author Publish on
A Model of Business Intelligence Systems for School: A Case Study (Perception Applications and Benefits) Adhi Nugroho Candra, Yohannes Kurniawan Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering Volume 331 Issue  Page 585 – 593
Analysis and Design of Knowledge Management Systems for School of Information System at XYZ University (A Case Study Approach) Yohannes Kurniawan, Siti Elda Hiererra International Journal of Multimedia and Ubiquitous Engineering Volume 9 Issue 12 Page 229 – 240
Asset Management System for Computer Laboratory Tanty Oktavia, Richard,Albert Wongso JATIT Volume 75 Issue 1 Page 103 – 108
Building A System with No SQL Approach(Case Study: English Writing Application) Tanty Oktavia JATIT Volume 75 Issue 1 Page 97 – 102
Cloud Computing Technology Infrastructure to Support the Knowledge Management Process (A Case Study Approach) Ratna Sari, Yohannes Kurniawan JATIT Volume 73 Issue 3 Page 377 – 382
Development of Church Information System (A Case Study Approach) Yohannes Kurniawan,Cadelina Cassandra IJSEIA Volume 8 Issue 12 Page 199 – 208
Development of E-Commerce Website (A Case Study: Yohannes Kurniawan IJSEIA Volume 8 Issue 11 Page 129 – 140
Development of Knowledge Management System (A Case Study:Komisi Akreditasi Rumah Sakit Indonesia) Yohannes Kurniawan, Rudy IJMUE Volume  Issue  Page  –
Evaluation of Edutainment e-Marketing Model Implementation at Bank Mandiri Museum Arta Moro Sundjaja, Evi Ekawati ISITIA 2015 Volume  Issue  Page  –
E-Waste Handling in DKI Jakarta Private Higher Education Institution Nuril Kusumawardhani Soeprapto Putri, Hudiarto, Argogalih JATIT Volume 74 Issue 2 Page 232 – 240
Improving Customer Service Through COBIT 4.1 Approach: A Case Study of IT Organization in Indonesia Bachtiar H. Simamora, Mohamad Arif Adiningrat, Arta Moro Sundjaja, Henny Hendarti IBM Volume 9 Issue 4 Page 637 – 644
Is There A Correlation between ERP Implementation, Adherence to COSO and GCG Implementation? Julisar JATIT Volume 73 Issue 2 Page 283 – 289
Online Learning Content and Learning Management System for Early Detection of Cervical Cancer Hery Harjono Muljo, Anzaludin Samsinga Perbangsa, Bens Pardamean International Journal of Digital Content Technology and its Applications Volume 9 Issue 1 Page 54 – 63
Optimizing Sales Using Mobile Sales Ticketing Application Idris Gautama, Henkie Ongowarsito, Rudy Aryanto, Erwin Andrew ISTMET 2014 Volume  Issue  Page  –
Radiology Data Warehouse Development as a Means of Education, Research, and Quality Assurance Vina Georgiana, Daniel Kartawiguna, Indrajani JATIT Volume 73 Issue 1 Page 65 – 71
The Development of Indonesia Small Medium Enterprise(SME) Rating and Review Portal Fredy Jingga, Natalia Limantara IJMUE Volume 10 Issue 3 Page 211 – 218
The Role of Information Technology to Improve Lecturer Performance Marisa Karsen, Siswono, Widianty JATIT Volume 72 Issue 3 Page 458 – 463
Using Activity Based Costing Method to Development Accounting System (Case study in Tinplate Packaging Manufacturer) Noerlina IBM Volume 9 Issue 4 Page 653 – 659
    • 2010
Title Author Published On
Information Technology Planning to Support Business Alignment at  PT. MPP Tri Pujadi National Seminar
Datawarehouse Design On Subject Area Report of Commercial Bank Tri Pujadi National Seminar
Designing Sales Datawarehouse to Support The Information Needs By Executive at Cemerlang Skin Care Suparto Darudiato National Seminar
Implementation of Service Portal for Parent at Higher Education Henry Antonius E.W. National Seminar
Accounting Information System of Sales and Receiveables with OOAD Method and UML. Henry Antonius E.W. National Seminar
Utilization of Business Process Management Method for Optimizing Business Process at Hospital (Case Study: e-Medical Records) Meyliana National Conference
Analysis of E-Marketing Strategy and Implementation (Case Study: Retail Garment Company) Meyliana National Seminar
Design and Management of Data Center Sulistyo Heripracoyo National Seminar


    • 2009
 Title  Author  Published On
Design Computer-Based Application for Recruitment and Selection Employee at PT. Indonusa Telemedia Tri Pujadi International Conference
Analysis and Design of Information System for Health and Safety Workers Tri Pujadi International Seminar
Optimization Model Assignment Application for Aircraft Crew Scheduling J. Sudirwan National Conference
Current Analysis and Information System Project Planning Using New Information Economic Method at PT. Indo Deli Pulp & Paper Mills Hudiarto National Seminar
K3 Information System Application Using Rula and Niosh Method Harisno National Seminar
E-Marketing Analysis and Design at PT. Panca Budi Idaman Siswono National Seminar
Information System Analysis at PT. Adi Jaya Perkasa (Case Studi: Purchase and Debt) Suparto Darudiato National Seminar
Enterprise Application Integration Design and Implementation for Company Indrajani National Seminar
Analysis and Design of Card Management Information System Indrajani National Seminar
Managing The Student Achievement Result in Virtual Gallery Based on Content Management Systems to Enrich Studying Source Johan International Conference
Data Mining Design and Implementation for Mini Mart Johan National Conference
Design of Integrated Information Systems Solutions for Garment Companies Hendra Achmadi National Seminar
Quality Management System Application Support on Higher Education Henry Antonius E.W. National Conference
E-Procurement Implementation On Hospital Henry Antonius E.W. National Conference

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